You discover Emily in the tavern crying

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Walkthrough: You are able to begin the A Sailor's Life for RuneScape Gold Me! Quest at Port Sarim, the largest port in Runescape. Speak to Trader Stan to learn how to create similar ships like his. The ships are built by him, and you'll know that!

When you ask him how, the man says that you need to find things for him. Redbeard Frank's Priate Hook is the primary thing you will need. Additionally, you'll require an Jug of Wine and Karajama Rum. 5k is not required. Also, you will require the peg leg.

Redbeard Frank is happy to offer a hook. Redbeard Frank will inform you that you first have to arrange for Emily an evening date at the Rising Sun Tavern. You discover Emily in the tavern crying.

When you ask her what's wrong, she tells you that she'll have to shut down the restaurant because she doesn't get enough buisness. She states that she needs five thousand GP in order to keep the establishment open. Ask her if you give her 5k if she will meet with Redbeard Frank, and she agrees. Redbeard Frank will inform her and she will pay the 5k. He will then give the hook.

Now you need to purchase the following items: a Jug of Wine, and an Asgarnian Ale. You'll need to get the Karajama Rum in via the Banana Plantation, just like in Buy OSRS Accounts Pirate's Treasure Quest. The last item known as the peg leg is available by contacting Longbow Ben in the Rusty Anchor Pub.