Dallas took the victory in the Madden simulated season's first game

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In the last Madden simulation that took place last week, the Detroit Lions nearly pulled off the win over the Baltimore Ravens if it weren't for Mut 22 coins an absolutely insane ending that you wouldn't be able to write scripts for.The Lions were up two points, but the Ravens were in danger of scoring within a minute.

Lamar Jackson tried to get into the middle of the field and then to the goal, but was blocked by a defender just as he crashed into the end zone. The Lions made a comeback and on the next play Detroit was sacked for a safety, reducing the lead down to two points and allowing the ball straight back to the Ravens. Justin Tucker would end up winning the game with just seconds remaining.

It was discovered that the shocking, unpredictable conclusion had nothing to do with the actual story.So what will happen in this week's Madden simulation as we pit the Detroit Lions against the flailing Chicago Bears? Who will we choose to start at the quarterback position for Chicago?

The only way to find the answer is to come along at 10:30 AM ET. ET Saturday morning, to join us for a simulation of the game. We'll also have Lions QA.Three things to take away from the Cowboys vs Panthers Madden Simulation.

The Dallas Cowboys logged their first victory of cheap madden 22 mut coins the Madden season, defeating the Carolina Panthers 28-21 behind a balanced offensive. Dak Prescott was skillful in throwing the ball while Ezekiel Elliott dominated on the ground. Dallas took the victory in the Madden simulated season's first game. But what did it tell us about football?