Is their anything I must change?

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Posted December 12,2020 in Other.

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One last thing, ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOURE KILLING THE LEVEL 22 BAT THINGS FIRST! Even if you can find other things like a 360, orOSRS gold even a 180 or even the 90's you should always, always, ALWAYS kill the Warriors first. They drain your prayer with every strike and even though they may not look so dangerous they cost you a lot of money in the long term.

Is their anything I must change? And I need to know about the things I asked about whats better, thansk to anyone who replys and im not trianing any longer levels... I'm out to receive a sacred rench ill replace one of the uper restores with it is this a fantastic idea?

I have been making my newest pure and have some queries as it is my first real p2p pure. 1. About how much money would you shed alching ruby rings in fairytopia out of 55-82? 55-70? 2. Seeing as I am 52 range 22 pray up to now, 38 cb, how long if 38-55 slayer take if it's all I do coaching wise? 3. Does this stat place sound great for pking in my very first pure? 4. How long can 70 Ability take from 52 in wildy course? 5. How long could 70-85 range take at blue dragons? 6. How long can 53 thieving take? I'll have more questions ensured! But thanks for assisting with the present ones up to now!

I have been raising hunter for a while now, and my friend says, inbuy RuneScape gold my level, I really could make 90k exp per hour in red salamanders, when I create 50k exp per hour in the reddish chinchompas. I wished to know whether that is true about salamanders? My second question is that I have a limited quantity of member ship, so which method should I choose (if my friend is right)? Red chinchompas, for money, but I might not get to 99, since I could run out of time, or reddish salamanders for little if any cash, but nearly guaranteed 99 hunter?

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