I have just returned to RS

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Posted November 11,2020 in Other.

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Hi, I have just returned to OSRS gold yesterday following a year and a half break. I have got quite a few questions if anyone can help me. Are there still bots in the sport, if so are they as poor as they used to be? I used to give gifts to people is this not possible today using the new trading platform? What are the ideal member armour and weapons? Is abyss runecrafting simpler now that people can't pk in the wildy? Or am I going to experience revenants a lot today? Has there been any runecrafting updates? Are all these from vacation events? If a few could be got in game how can you get them? What's the highest combat level today? Is Pyramid Plunder still a good method to boost thieving levels or is there another way that's better? Whats the best way to increase Agility? I think that is it for today, thanks if anyone can assist with all or any of my queries.

I'm only level 52 but I have managed to get into the area where you need to opt for the route you take. I have tried both the paths but I have neglected them, so could somebody give me a strategy to help me get through this part? I'm supplying Ivan with stew each time and I've given him armour. Matters that can help: Give Ivan a lucky silver sickle so he can do damage to the Juvinates. There is a safe place for him, a market in the bushes. If you can get him in there and stand in front of him, they can't reach him. Strike one Juvinate and the other, alternative hitting them to distract them from Ivan. I believe I failed this bit about 9 days before I eventually managed to keep Ivan alive. (Don't remember what my combat level was, but I think that it was between 50 and 60; I do remember that at one point I gave up, educated a couple of strength levels, and came back)

That I am only able to give members to among my accounts..But I am having a rought time picking, Here is some advice, maybe you guys could help? Also, go easy, I am new xD... Additional Info: All other stats are less then 20, so meaning small significance. This acc gets the guthix cape and may do claw of guthix outside battle. I haven't any good quests done, besides lost town and MM. Additionally, it has a lot of MISC. Items that I enjoy. And I have no Clue how to transfer wealth. ( Idont wanna perform BH, toRuneScape gold buy insecure.)

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